Conservation vs. economy – the marble quarries of Carrara

Aug 9, 2023 | Activism, Environmental, Short, Videos

The majestic Carrara marble quarries of Italy are a scene of breathtaking beauty and staggering economic gain. But at what cost? An environmental tragedy is unfolding, as the marble dust created from the massive extraction operation hangs heavy in the air, leaching into the groundwater, and changing the color of the rivers below. In this stunning feature-length documentary, audiences will gain unprecedented access to the region, as environmentalists and activists clash with quarry owners and workers in a battle to save this precious ecosystem.
Through intimate interviews with the people on both sides of this debate, we’ll hear first-hand the stories of individuals who have put their lives on the line to document the devastating impact of the quarries. When a local activist is targeted and nearly killed in a mysterious attack, the stakes are raised, and the urgency of the message is made clear. This is a story of beauty, corruption, and the fight for a sustainable future, sure to leave viewers both heartbroken and inspired.

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David B