Congo: Trapped in the mud | Deadliest Journeys

Jul 9, 2023 | Military/War, People, Travel, Videos

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a nation wrought with turmoil and destruction. For decades it has been embroiled in civil war, crippling its infrastructure and devastating its population. The roads of Congo are a maze of disrepair, often inadequately maintained and not suitable for safe travel. Mining operations, which are essential to the economy, take place in environments where temperatures can reach an unbearable 100 degrees Fahrenheit — conditions that could easily cause any person to collapse from exhaustion and heat stroke.

Despite attempts at improvement by international organizations, the roadways within Congo are still far from suitable for the general public. The air is thick with demons and spirits; tales of cursed villages spread throughout the country like wildfire, leaving fear in people’s hearts. Poverty is rampant among many communities living along these roads due to their lack of access to services like healthcare or education.

These struggles have been detailed in numerous documentaries that provide a harrowing glimpse into Congolese life. By watching these films, audiences gain insight into the harsh realities endured by many living in this part of Africa, as well as the potential solutions they need to overcome them. Through these films we are able to gain a better understanding of humanity on a global scale; we are given an opportunity to empathize with those who suffer around us and work towards creating positive change. We urge viewers everywhere to watch these documentaries and learn more about what’s happening in Congo today — it will only help to create a brighter future for everyone involved!

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David B