Congo Katanga – Deadliest Journeys

May 28, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

A ride on the “Swallow” train in Congo is a journey of incredible danger and uncertainty, and it is the only reliable link to many of the country’s remote villages. For those brave enough to make the trip, they are likely to experience an exciting, yet unpredictable adventure that will forever remain etched in their memory.

The Swallow train does not have a timetable, nor do its stops always go as planned. On board, people are crammed into every available inch of space and train rides can take anywhere from hours to days depending on how often it needs to stop. It is also not uncommon for passengers to be put in danger due to the lack of maintenance on parts of the track and rolling stock. In fact, it was discovered that recently someone had maliciously sabotaged part of the track causing a derailment that could have had devastating consequences if not for the quick-thinking action by one passenger who managed to apply brakes before reaching an especially dangerous part of the track.

The documentary “2 Trains 1 Rail” offers viewers an immersive view into this world where chaos reigns supreme and danger lurks around every corner. Through interviews with locals, onboard footage and personal stories from some passengers who traveled on this historic rail line, audiences get a unique insight into what life is like for those trying to travel in Congo.

Those looking for a thrilling adventure should look no further than Congo’s Swallow Train – but potential passengers should be aware that this journey comes with its own set of risks that can make or break their experience aboard this legendary rail line. Watch “2 Trains 1 Rail” now to see firsthand what it’s all about!

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David B