Confucius: Words of Wisdom

Oct 1, 2023 | History, Videos


The extraordinary life story of Confucius and his mission to save Chinese society is one that is truly inspiring. Born into a family of hardworking warriors, Confucius was the son of an elderly great warrior and a concubine. His unbecoming looks caused him to be rejected by his father’s family, but despite this adversity he managed to seek out education and knowledge.

Confucius opted to follow the path of learning instead of war and started a school open to students of all means, regardless of class or wealth. He taught them about the importance of hard work as well as disregarding such differences in favor of measuring a man for what he truly is – his character and morals. During this time, Confucius rose from poverty to serve as the governor of his home province where he implemented many changes inspired by his teachings, although they were not met with universal approval. Eventually, he was exiled from the province and continued seeking an influential leader who could bring about real change in China.

Unfortunately, Confucius died never knowing how much influence his teachings would have on future generations, particularly those in Asia. For people looking to learn more about this incredible figure in human history, we recommend watching the documentary “Confucius: The Life and Legacy” which has won multiple awards at various film festivals around the world. It chronicles Confucius’ life story while also giving insights into his ideals and philosophy and how it shaped Chinese culture today. The film also dives deep into Confucianism itself which can provide new perspectives on how it has helped shape East Asian civilizations for centuries now. Detailed interviews with experts in different societies make this documentary an invaluable resource for anyone interested in learning more about Confucianism or Chinese culture in general.

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