Confessions of a Tetris Addict

Sep 16, 2023 | Lifestyle, Technology, Videos

James Clewett is living proof that hard work and dedication can take you places. Starting out as a young boy with a passion for math and physics, he went on to pursue an undergraduate degree in electronics. His career in the industry was fruitful, but his real ambition was to obtain a PhD in Physics. So, he started from the very bottom and worked his way up until he achieved his dream.

This inspiring journey is now documented in a short film interview, which captures James’ enthusiasm towards science and unravels the story of how he got to where he is today. In this deeply personal documentary, we learn about James’ experience of being an academic in STEM fields—the highs and lows, successes and failures—all while being honest about his hidden addiction: Tetris.

According to James himself, anyone who plays arcade games will eventually develop some sort of dependency on this classic block-based puzzle game. “It’s compulsive” says James of Tetris—and if this isn’t enough motivation for you to watch the documentary then perhaps some of its other fascinating revelations will be. We get to hear intimate details about James’ time working for a company offering gay porn phone calls, plus gain insight into the hard work it takes to become one of the world’s Tetris geeks!

By watching this remarkable story unfold before our eyes, we discover just how far one can go with sheer determination and resilience—all while recognizing that success doesn’t always come easily or quickly. If you want an uplifting yet realistic take on life as an academic or aspiring scientist then don’t miss your chance to watch this insightful documentary featuring James Clewett!

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