Colorado, USA: The Return of Class Struggle

Dec 23, 2023 | Social, Videos

Aspen, Colorado, the world-famous ski resort and playground of the ultra-wealthy, is becoming a prime example of income inequality in America. The cost of living in Aspen has been steadily rising over the past decade, leaving many low-wage workers struggling to make ends meet. This disparity of earning potential has created an atmosphere ripe for exploitation, despite the town’s reputation for luxury and privilege.

The recent documentary “Luxury Without Labor” takes a deep dive into the economic reality faced by Aspen’s working class. Through interviews with workers from across industries, as well as experts on labor exploitation and economic inequality, the film highlights the struggles borne by those whose livelihoods rely on service to those who can afford it. By bringing to light the ways in which wages are kept artificially low for certain jobs due to unchecked corporate greed – such as tips being withheld or wages lower than minimum wage – this documentary shines a light on a problem that has been largely invisible until now.

In addition to recognizing these issues more clearly, Luxury Without Labor also points out potential solutions —such as unionizing or raising wages— that could help improve life for working people in Aspen and elsewhere. With hopes of bringing about broader changes through both awareness and action, it serves as an important reminder that everyone deserves fair pay for their labor regardless of their place of employment or industry sector.

By making us aware of what’s happening in our own backyard—and inspiring us to take action—Luxury Without Labor is sure to be an eye opener for anyone curious about how economic inequality affects lives all over America. So if you care about giving working people fair wages and better conditions then make sure you watch this thought-provoking documentary!

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David B