Colombia: A Nation in Revolt

Jul 23, 2023 | History, Nature, People, Social, Videos

Colombia has struggled for decades with a deeply divided society, torn in two between right-wing conservative forces and the Marxist revolutionary FARC rebels. This divide has manifested itself most tragically in the form of violence which has plagued Colombia for generations. However, in 2016 a miraculous event occurred: Colombia’s government and the FARC signed a historic peace treaty, which was intended to bring an end to the bloodshed and reunite the country after years of discord.

Though great strides have been made in recent years towards lasting peace, many Colombians are still struggling with the brutal legacy of war and violence. In addition to physical destruction and displacement, entire communities continue to suffer from psychological wounds due to loss of family members or threats against their safety. The trauma suffered by many is still largely unaddressed, making a full recovery difficult if not impossible.

A new documentary aims to shed light on this issue by exploring life on the ground for ordinary Colombians affected by violence. Through interviews with victims, survivors and activists, it offers a unique glimpse into how everyday people are dealing with the realities of war-torn Colombia. The documentary also speaks frankly about ongoing problems such as land grabbing, forced displacement, racial inequality and impunity for perpetrators of hate crimes – all major obstacles facing long-term recovery efforts in Colombia.

With its heart-wrenching yet uplifting story of resilience against all odds, this documentary is essential viewing for anyone looking to understand more about what really happened during Colombia’s civil conflict. It paints an intimate portrait of ordinary people living through extraordinary times and encourages us to witness their struggles first hand without prejudice or preconceptions. We invite you to watch this powerful film as we stand together in support for a more peaceful future for all Colombians.

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David B