Sep 27, 2023 | Economics, Videos

Americans have become accustomed to hearing stories of optimism and good news, stories that give us hope that our nation’s future is bright. But what if someone predicted something different? Enter Michael Ruppert, a former Los Angeles police officer and independent reporter who has made it his mission to uncover the harsh realities of the world we live in.

In his self-published newsletter From The Wilderness, he predicted the current financial crisis before most Wall Street and Washington analysts even considered the possibility. Now it’s time to take a closer look at Ruppert and his message in the documentary Collapse, directed by Chris Smith.

Ruppert speaks passionately about an issue he has been following since the 1970s: peak oil. This concept, which suggests that one day we will run out of fossil fuels, has created much debate among experts – but not Ruppert. He takes on an apocalyptic outlook on the matter, warning viewers of what could happen if we don’t take action soon.

Through this documentary, Smith not only presents a unique perspective from Ruppert, but also allows viewers to form their own judgments on his predictions and views. Collapse is sure to compel audiences into rethinking their own ideas on our present state of affairs and our future as a planet.

Ruppert’s story is one that should not be overlooked – it requires attention from all citizens of this world in order for us to make any real change. Collapse offers audiences a glimpse into the complex issues facing us today, with facts and data that are easily accessible on internet sources found everywhere. If you’re looking for deeper insight or searching for answers, this documentary is worth watching!

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David B