Cold Case Ghost

Sep 25, 2023 | Crime, Videos

The Fifth Estate’s documentary film “Cold Case Ghost
” uncovers an incredible story of justice after almost four decades. In November 2022, Toronto Police Department finally tracked down the suspected culprit behind the 1983 assault and murder of two women: Erin Gilmour – an aspiring 22-year-old fashion designer and daughter of David Gilmour, a well-known mining tycoon – and Susan Tice, a separated mom with four children who recently moved to Toronto from Calgary and worked as a social worker.

In the 1980s, when these crimes took place, DNA profiling was a relatively new technique and was not widely used for criminal investigations. However, advances in technology have allowed law enforcement agencies around the world to use DNA testing to identify suspects and solve cold cases – including this one. In this particular case, the Toronto police department deployed genetic genealogy to identify the suspect or at least find leads that could help them trace him back. Genetic genealogy is a field which combines genetics and genealogy to trace a person’s ancestry and family history using DNA analysis.

The Fifth Estate’s film “Cold Case Ghost
” follows detectives as they painstakingly build their case with help from genetic genealogists in order to bring closure to both families affected by these tragic events. It also looks into issues related to accuracy of familial DNA testing, privacy and civil liberties in light of this modern investigative tool being increasingly deployed by police forces worldwide.

This is an incredibly powerful story which covers multiple topics related to justice, technology advances and eternal human themes such as grief, healing and hope. If you’re looking for something truly inspiring yet emotionally charged then we strongly encourage you to watch The Fifth Estate’s film “Cold Case Ghost

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