Coffee: The future of coffee growing and production

Aug 16, 2023 | Business, Food/Drink, People, Videos

Explore the inspiring story of coffee pioneers who are revolutionizing the way coffee is grown, harvested, and produced. Through innovative techniques and an unwavering commitment to sustainable practices, these growers are transforming the coffee industry by promoting biodiversity and preserving natural habitats, all while ensuring that farmers prosper.
Meet David Benitez, a young agroecologist from Honduras who is leading the charge in crafting eco-friendly coffee-growing methods that draw on holistic indigenous techniques in combination with modern permaculture. Benitez educates other coffee producers, empowering them to change the way they grow coffee in ways that simultaneously combat climate change and increase their income. Learn how small farmers can become powerful ecological warriors by using planet-friendly growing methods to produce coffee and other superfoods that are both environmentally conscious and delicious.Discover how innovative start-ups like “The Coffee Cherry Company” are using every part of the coffee fruit to make unique and nutrient-rich products.

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David B