Climate change or politics? – Why Madagascar is going hungry

Jun 16, 2023 | Environmental, Nature, Videos

Southern Madagascar is currently suffering from a humanitarian crisis. With no rainfall in seven years, the ground is arid, and people are suffering from hunger and thirst. The UN suggests that climate change is the primary cause of this catastrophe. However, the upcoming documentary, directed by Adrian Kriesch, investigates the matter and contends that there’s more to the story.
While the government blames climate change, the film suggests that they also share some of the responsibility. Despite years of western aid, southern Madagascar is still stuck in a rut, lacks education, has few tarmac roads and an extremely high birth rate. This crisis is not only due to climate change, but additional factors that the documentary explores. The film delves into the measures needed at this time, and what to expect from the upcoming rainy season.

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David B