Citizen USA: A 50 State Road Trip

Sep 16, 2023 | Social, Videos

The documentary Eight Years, directed by Alexandra Pelosi, follows the story of her husband Michiel’s journey to becoming an American citizen. It is a powerful and moving film that captures Michiel’s experience in his pursuit of citizenship, and sheds light on the process immigrants go through to become part of the United States.

Eight years ago, Michiel immigrated to the U.S., married Alexandra, and was able to obtain a green card without any issue. But when their son was born, he realized that he must become an American citizen in order to provide for his family’s future and create a stable life for them. The path to citizenship requires permanent residency for 3-5 years, knowledge of English both reading and writing, being a person of good moral character, passing a civics test, as well as taking an Oath of Allegiance to the U.S. Upon completing these steps and officially becoming an American citizen Michiel felt like he truly belonged here, no longer a foreigner among his own family.

Inspired by her husband’s story Alexandra embarked on a cross country road trip from state-to-state experiencing first hand the momentous occasion when new citizens take their oaths of allegiance. What she found was people from all over the world eager to renounce their birth countries for America and its opportunities with open arms. Most importantly though she discovered what makes America so unique – its diversity; its ability to accept different cultures while maintaining its core set of values that make it so successful.

Throughout this journey she came face-to-face with those who had just achieved their dream of becoming Americans and heard firsthand about their struggles with immigration law as well as why they chose America in particular as home – many citing economic opportunity or reuniting with family members as major factors in their decisions. Through Eight Years Alexandra shows us why we should not take our everyday liberties for granted given they were hard fought for by those who risked everything crossing into our country in pursuit of a better life – something she believes is still available today if one can only remain optimistic despite adversity.

If you’re looking for more insight into what it means to be an immigrant in search of stability within America then look no further than Eight Years which will leave you inspired by the belief that nothing is impossible if one has courage enough to pursue it against all odds – just like thousands before us have done here in America!

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