China’s Dragon Road | Deadliest Journeys

Jul 19, 2023 | Nature, People, Travel, Videos

In Guizhou province, located in the southern part of China, mountains dominate much of the land. This mountainous terrain is home to two of the most important and essential natural resources in the region: bamboo and coal. These materials are necessary for industrial development and trade, building structures, and even for providing sustenance to the people living there.

However, these resources remain largely inaccessible to many due to the treacherous cliffs that line the sides of these mountains. Without a reliable means of transporting these goods down into the valleys below, they remain stuck on top of these geological giants with no way out.

This situation is explored in greater depth through a documentary titled ‘Climbing Down Mountains’. In it, audiences have an up-close look at how difficult and dangerous this process can be as miners climb down steep slopes just to access these raw materials. At times they swing across gaps on fraying ropes or traverse steep paths while wearing little more than sandals for protection against falling rocks. It’s a gritty and intimate glimpse into their lives as they try and eke out a living for themselves within this harsh environment.

The documentary also takes time to explore other aspects of life in Guizhou province such as traditional bamboo weaving techniques used by locals or how new technology is being applied in order to make mining more efficient. All of these provide excellent insight into how people use what limited resources they have available to them while still facing seemingly impossible odds every single day just to survive.

By taking the viewer on this captivating journey through time, ‘Climbing Down Mountains’ offers an exciting yet informative experience that will leave you with newfound respect and appreciation for those who inhabit one of China’s most remote provinces. If you’re interested in learning more about life in this corner of the world then we highly recommend giving this documentary a watch!

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David B