China’s competition for living space

May 10, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

This documentary takes a gripping and immersive look at the reality of life for migrant workers living in Chinese cities. With the majority of China’s population living in urban areas and that number set to increase, the question arises of whether those who don’t fit into a box are just being tolerated, or if they have a place in China’s vision of a thriving, modern future.
Discover the difficulties faced by those who work hard every day to keep the cities running, but are not seen as part of the official, preferred populace. Journey through the streets and homes of migrant workers who fight, struggle and ultimately try to survive in a land that offers no official rights or protections. This film challenges viewers to consider the relevance of traditional class structures, the impact of modernization and who society chooses to leave behind in the race towards progress.

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David B