China: Power and Prosperity

Sep 15, 2023 | Economics, Videos

As China continues to expand its global influence, there is no more intriguing look into the country than PBS NewsHour’s documentary, China: Power and Prosperity. This comprehensive feature-length exploration of the country’s internal progress and growing sphere of power dives deep into the values promoted by President Xi Jinping, how his embrace of Communist ideals are shaping the future of the country, and much more.

The film showcases interviews with over 70 people that offer diverse perspectives on how Xi Jinping is viewed in different parts of the country; while some view him as a leader of near mythic status and promote his infallibility through billboards and school curriculums, others have taken to the streets to oppose his oppressive power plays and human rights abuses. The documentary also examines Jinping’s ambitious Belt and Road initiative – an infrastructure development plan that promises prosperity but raises concerns about potential corruption – as well as China’s technology stronghold in comparison to America’s ongoing trade wars.

With every investigative segment, China: Power and Prosperity offers audiences a unique insight into Chinese life and industry today; from electric cars on Chinese roads being restricted through lottery systems for license plates to surveillance companies claiming their efforts are creating a safer environment but coming under fire for indulging in nefarious intelligence gathering. Through this lens, viewers can gain a deeper understanding of both prosperity and power in modern-day China.

China: Power and Prosperity is essential viewing for anyone looking to gain an informed understanding on the complexities within this ever-evolving superpower – so don’t miss your chance to experience it firsthand. This informative examination will leave you with far more knowledge than just what appears in headlines every day.

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David B