China meets Germany – in the kitchen

Nov 4, 2023 | Culture, Food/Drink, People, Travel, Videos

What happens when a mother and daughter from China travel to southern Germany? They encounter delicacies that aren’t available in their home country. Their taste buds go on a gastronomic adventure as they try dishes like “Maultaschen” with potato salad, beef roulade and bread dumplings. But for Wen-jing and her mother, eating delicious food isn’t enough. They want to know how to make it themselves.
On this journey, their highlight is learning how to bake the traditional Black Forest Cake – a mouthwatering chocolatey delight. Join Wen-jing and her mother as they discover the secrets of southern German cuisine and try their hand at baking the famous Black Forest Cake. Don’t miss this delectable documentary by Almut Maria Röhrl.

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David B