China Blue

Aug 7, 2023 | Justice, Social, Videos

The eye-opening documentary, CHINA BLUE, takes an inside look at the everyday lives of workers in a blue jeans factory in southern China. 17-year-old Jasmine and her co-workers toil away for long hours, day after day, without the rights or protections afforded by regular labor laws. They take home only a meager wage for their efforts, often no more than pennies a day.

This powerful documentary reveals the harsh realities of the international retail industry and challenges viewers to see beyond what retail companies want us to believe—that clothes are created with little thought or care for those who make them. With unprecedented access, CHINA BLUE shines a light on the exploitation of young people in developing countries around the world and shows us how our shopping habits are impacting their lives.

Through powerful story telling and gripping footage filmed undercover, CHINA BLUE is essential viewing for anyone interested in learning more about how our clothes are made and what that means for these young workers struggling to make ends meet. It’s a story of injustice but also hope—an inspiring call to action that will leave you feeling moved and empowered as you witness first hand the resilience of these brave young people standing up against inequality.

So watch CHINA BLUE today—it’s not just an important piece of history but an urgent reminder that we all have a part to play in creating change when it comes to human rights abuses taking place right now around the world.

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David B