Children of the Secret State

Aug 5, 2023 | News, Political, Social, Videos

Children of the Secret State is a gripping documentary that offers a rare glimpse into one of the most secretive and tightly-controlled nations in the world – North Korea. The hermit kingdom has remained shrouded in mystery and propaganda for decades, but this documentary will take you inside to reveal some of its truths.

The film follows several children as they experience life in North Korea amidst political upheaval and oppressive military rule. Through interviews with defectors, scholars and human rights activists, viewers are given an understanding of the many struggles facing North Koreans, from poverty to censorship and surveillance. It also paints a picture of how people manage to survive despite the regime’s control over their lives.

The documentary reveals stories that have been kept hidden for too long, from tales of fear and pain to acts of courage and defiance. It is a powerful reminder that even in one of the world’s most isolated countries, there is still hope for freedom and justice.

Through its insightful approach to this complex subject matter, Children of the Secret State provides a fascinating insight into North Korea and its citizens. It encourages viewers to think about our own society through an international lens, raising critical questions about power structures and human rights violations both at home and abroad.

We highly recommend watching this eye-opening documentary if you’re interested in learning more about what life is like for ordinary North Koreans living under an oppressive dictatorship. It will certainly leave you with much to reflect on as we navigate our own societies around the world.

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David B