Child trafficking in China

Jul 11, 2023 | Crime, People, Social, Videos

In China, every year tens of thousands of children vanish with no official records. Tan Jingjing, a desperate mother, is among those who are fighting against this horrific reality. She believes her ex-husband sold her son to traffickers and has been searching for him for three years. Her son would now be five years old.
Unsatisfied with the authorities’ lack of appropriate action, Tan Jingjing has taken matters into her own hands. She suspects that her son, just like many other children in China, has probably been adopted by someone else after being sold. But the dark reality is that children are bought and sold in China on online forums. Even when a child is kidnapped and sold under a false identity, corrupt officials cover up the criminal act, masquerading it as an adoption. With no official figures and countless similar cases, Tan Jingjing is determined to find her son and expose the truth behind this ruthless trafficking.

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David B