Child Prostitution - South Africa's young street walkers

  • Published 6 years ago
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According to some estimates, as many as 30,000 children are being trafficked year in and year out in South Africa. The claims are not new. In fact, since 2006, during the National Human Trafficking Awareness Week, reports came out that at least 20,000 children in South Africa are subject of trafficking.

In 2010, during the Soccer World Cup, human trafficking and prostitution took an upsurge in South Africa. Child prostitution is rife in South Africa, and for many township kids, prostitution is a way for survival.

In South Africa, unlike other countries in Africa, white children and white people are mostly subjected to it.

The documentary takes a look at two young girls from South Africa who use prostitution as a way for surviving. Elisa, for example, is a 16 year old girl, but she sells herself as a 14 year old because it makes her more attractive to prospective customers. She has been doing that for four years.

The documentary has been filmed and published in 2007, but things haven’t changed a lot in South Africa. In fact, one can say they have worsened. After the World Soccer Cup, prostitution took an upsurge, and many children found out it can be a viable way of life and survival.

What can we do to change that? Find out!

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