Chasing the Dragon

Sep 10, 2023 | Drugs, Videos

The opioid epidemic continues to ravage communities across the United States and has become an increasingly persistent health issue. To draw attention to this crisis, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released the gripping documentary Chasing the Dragon. This film provides insight into the struggles of young addicts and their families as they face this growing problem.

Through interviews with recovering addicts, Chasing the Dragon demonstrates how a lack of drug education and a desire for experimentation has led to devastating consequences. Many of those interviewed began experimenting with marijuana before graduating to opioids, often prescribed by doctors or stored in family medicine cabinets. From there, these young people found themselves ensnared in an addiction they could not escape from; some even resorted to stealing, assaulting and prostituting themselves to fund their habits.

The frank testimonials featured in Chasing the Dragon are both heartbreaking and inspiring. We hear from former users who have now reclaimed stable lives with their families, as well as those still behind bars who now reflect more candidly on the vicious cycle of addiction that consumed their lives for years.

Chasing the Dragon is essential viewing for all ages, but particularly for younger generations who must grapple with peer pressure and limited drug education on a daily basis. By watching this film, viewers can gain a better understanding of opioid addiction and its repercussions on individuals and society at large. Doing so will help ensure that fewer unsuspecting victims fall prey to this insidious disease.

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David B