Chasing Coral

Sep 15, 2023 | Nature, Videos

Chasing Coral, the eye-opening Netflix documentary from acclaimed filmmaker Richard Vevers, showcases an urgent message for our planet. Through stunning underwater footage and interviews with coral reef specialists, the film brings to light a disturbing truth: the world’s coral reefs are dwindling due to rising ocean temperatures, and action needs to be taken now if we are to save them.

As Vevers has seen firsthand through his travels around the world, coral reefs are rapidly eroding. In some cases, up to 80% of reefs in the Florida Keys have already been lost due to bleaching – a process in which increases in ocean temperatures causes the coral to lose its color and die off. This is particularly concerning considering that coral reefs provide crucial ecosystems that support innumerable species of fish and other wildlife on land and sea. If left unchecked, these vital habitats could become a thing of the past within 25 years.

The visuals featured in Chasing Coral are nothing short of breathtaking. From vivid schools of fish swimming around vibrant reefs, viewers gain insight into just how important coral is for all life on Earth – an insight that could not be gained elsewhere without actually being underwater. The experts interviewed in the film also bring valuable information about this finely balanced ecosystem, further reinforcing why it’s so worth saving for future generations.

But most importantly, Chasing Coral serves as a call-to-action; it is an invitation for everyone across the globe to fight back against climate change before it’s too late. It’s time we take real steps towards preserving our planet – starting with watching this groundbreaking documentary so we can become more informed about what’s at stake and how we can help make a difference before irreparable damage is done.

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David B