Changes in the Caribbean – Mapping the World l Geopolitics

May 28, 2023 | Environmental, Social, Videos

The Caribbean Islands of Cuba, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic are in the midst of a major transformation. After decades of being subject to socialist rule and US interventionism, these countries are now facing a new era of growth and opportunity – thanks to China’s increasing involvement in the region. With its strong geographical position near the Panama Canal, the Caribbean is quickly becoming an area of major strategic importance for China – and one that deserves greater attention from the world at large.

In recent years, all three countries have begun to embrace more open policies when it comes to international trade and investment. This has allowed them to diversify their economic prospects away from just tourism and fisheries, and towards new industries like manufacturing, technology services, construction, agriculture and energy production. All three nations have also made efforts to improve their legal frameworks – particularly those related to property rights – which has encouraged further foreign investment into the region.

These changes have already had a positive effect on many aspects of life in each country: unemployment has dropped dramatically; education standards have risen; living conditions have improved; and economic growth has accelerated significantly. But there is still much more work to be done before these nations can truly catch up with their developed counterparts.

To learn more about these fascinating changes unfolding in the Caribbean Islands, we recommend watching ‘The Americas: Caribe Conection’, a documentary produced by RTVE International which dives deep into this story. The documentary follows experts as they explore how this sea-change is affecting each country’s economy as well as its people’s everyday lives – opening up a window onto this vibrant corner of our planet that few will ever experience firsthand. So if you’re interested in learning about what’s happening right now in Cuba, Jamaica or The Dominican Republic – don’t miss out! Tune into ‘The Americas: Caribe Conection’ today for an engaging look at an intriguing part of our ever-changing world.

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