Change and the dream of justice – reinventing the world (4/6)

Dec 19, 2023 | Justice, Political, Videos

Reinventing the World – 500 Years of the Reformation is a documentary series that explores the societal, political, and economic transformations of the last five centuries. In the fourth episode, the focus is on the 19th century, characterized by industrialization, information dissemination, and social injustice.
From entrepreneurs like Paul Julius Reuter, who founded the Reuters news agency, to critics of capitalism like Friedrich Engels, the episode delves deep into the questions of charity, capitalism, and justice. Two centuries later, the documentary introduces David Diallo, founder of an online magazine about sustainable economic strategies, and Sheppard Pepper, a young American photographer living in Paris. As these entrepreneurs seek answers to make the world a fairer place, the documentary raises thought-provoking questions about the gulf between ideals and reality in business and politics and the responsibility of individuals to society.

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