Central African Republic: Girl Soldiers

Oct 1, 2023 | Lifestyle, People, Videos


The Central African Republic has been facing a crisis of child soldiers for decades now, with an estimated 40% of them being girls. While some are taken against their will, others join armed groups as volunteers. In this powerful documentary, three former girl soldiers – Rosine, Nolla and Marie-Claire – tell their stories of recruitment, trauma and reintegration into society.

These young women were only children when they became embroiled in violence and criminal activities. However, upon returning to civilian life, they find themselves confronted with a double sentence – firstly from society which views them as criminals and murderers due to their involvement in the war, and secondly from themselves. Many non-governmental organisations have recognised the need for specialised care for these girl soldiers so that they can move past the trauma of their experiences.

Organisations such as War Child offer access to rehabilitation centers where these young women can receive psychological help and training to regain control over their lives. They also provide support towards job searches which can help integrate them back into society without fear of judgement or discrimination.

This documentary offers an intimate look into the lives of three brave girls who have experienced immense suffering at such a young age but still remain determined to create a brighter future for themselves. By watching it we gain insight into the difficult journey these warriors face on their way back home. If you are looking to be inspired by stories of resilience and strength then this is certainly one you should watch!

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David B