Celtic vs Rangers: Clash Of The Titans

Aug 2, 2023 | Sports, Videos


The Glasgow Rangers FC and Glasgow Celtic FC have been locked in one of the fiercest rivalries in football for decades, a rivalry that runs deeper than just sports. At its core is Scotland’s religious divide, between Catholics and Protestants. It was this divide that fuelled the tension between these two teams, resulting in violence from both sides of the spectrum. In fact, a group monitoring sectarian activity in Glasgow reported that violence increased ninefold whenever these two teams played each other.

It was this same rivalry that prompted filmmakers to produce a documentary on it in the late 90’s, giving viewers an insight into this so-called ‘Old Firm’ rivalry. The documentary reveals how tensions between these two teams translated into physical conflict with some even coming to fatal ends.

For those wanting to gain a better understanding of this longstanding rivalry as well as be informed about the dangers of football hooliganism, then viewers should give this documentary their attention. Not only will they learn more about the rich history between these two teams but also about why it has become such an enduring part of Scottish culture and society. This documentary offers an interesting window into one of Scotland’s most passionate rivalries and brings to life events that are rarely seen or heard outside of Scotland itself.

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David B