CAUTION: this made me SCARED for our YOUTH

Jul 7, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Megan Newton was a promising young woman with the world at her fingertips. She was an exceptional student who excelled in athletics and had a bright future ahead of her. All of that changed one fateful evening when two people entered Megan’s flat, but only one exited.

This tragic case is the focus of the new true crime documentary from Unsolved Mysteries, which examines the events surrounding Megan’s disappearance. The documentary delves into the mysterious circumstances of that night as well as looking into whether or not Joseph Trevor, son of two police officers, had anything to do with it.

The documentary promises to be an exciting and gripping exploration into a case that has left many unanswered questions. It follows on from other acclaimed true crime documentaries released by Unsolved Mysteries, which have uncovered secrets and shed light on some of the most infamous unsolved cases.

Be sure to check out this compelling story about Megan Newton when it premieres on Friday and take part in uncovering what happened that night. With two episodes released every week, you can join in solving the mystery behind her disappearance and get closer to justice for Megan Newton.

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David B