Caught in the Crossfire Part 2 | Full Episode

Sep 15, 2023 | Crime, Videos

“48 Hours” is a long-running documentary that has been investigating cases of crime and social justice since its premiere in 1988. With an impressive history of original reporting, the show has helped to shed light on many cases of wrongful convictions and reopened cold cases, bringing closure to families and individuals affected by horrific acts.

The show covers a range of cases from passion-fuelled crimes to those driven by greed, with each episode offering insight into the complexities of the human experience. With a focus on uncovering the truth and righting wrongs, “48 Hours” has become renowned for being at the forefront of investigative journalism.

From uncovering new evidence to shining light into dark corners, “48 Hours” seeks to tell difficult stories that must be heard so we can all work towards justice for those affected by crime. Drawing attention to injustices both past and present, this unique documentary series consistently offers compelling viewing that challenges viewers’ preconceptions about crime and opens up conversations about what justice means in our rapidly changing world.

For anyone looking for compelling drama or keen to learn more about current issues surrounding crime and justice, “48 Hours” is well worth watching – it’s sure to shock, educate and entertain in equal measure!

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David B