Car of the Future

  • Published 8 years ago
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This documentary features a one hour-long program aptly divided into six chapters:

Hitting The Road: This is the first chapter, wherein projections are used to suggest that by 2050 two billion vehicles would ply on the world’s roads which happens to be two and a half times as many as there are today and the “Car Talk” duo, brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi, hit the road in search of the car of the future.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells: Iceland, with a thousand times fewer people and cars than the U.S., introduces the world’s first hydrogen-fueled public buses in an effort to curb dependence on imported oil in the second chapter.

Towards Biofuels: In the third chapter, Tom and Ray look at new ways to make “biofuels” like Ethanol that have much lower greenhouse-gas emissions but are very expensive.

Frontiers of Efficiency: The fourth chapter shows highly fuel-efficient engines, developed over the years, but rather than improving fuel economy, that efficiency has been channeled into more powerful vehicles.

Plugging In: In the fifth chapter, it is explored whether the next generation of hybrid cars can be used to create an energy revolution given that vehicles powered from power plants could substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Taking Action: In the last chapter, experts comment that to make the switch to more Earth-friendly vehicles concerted government action is required; not just visionary thinkers and eco-conscious consumers.

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