Can we feed our population without synthetic pesticides?

Aug 2, 2023 | Environmental, Food/Drink, Videos

Pesticides have long been used to increase crop yields and feed growing populations, but their use has come at a great cost. In recent years, there has been an increasing chorus of critics and farmers who have begun to express concern over the use of pesticides – citing poor health effects and the decimation of biodiversity as two of their primary concerns. But with the world’s population continuing to grow, is it really possible to dispense with pesticides altogether and still feed everyone?

The documentary Pesticide Paradox attempts to answer this very question by exploring the interconnectedness between our food system and its impact on the environment. From interviews with farmers in India to conversations with experts across multiple disciplines here in the United States, this film examines how a reliance on chemical pesticides has affected both people and wildlife around the globe.

The film also delves into potential solutions for this crisis, including organic farming techniques, advances in agricultural technology, and even policy changes that could help reduce our dependency on chemical-based approaches. As well as discussing potential solutions from a scientific perspective, the documentary also looks at what everyday citizens can do to make a difference in their local communities.

For anyone interested in learning more about how our current food system works – or what we might be able to do differently – The Pesticide Paradox should be required viewing. It not only provides an eye-opening look into why pesticides are so harmful, but offers thoughtful suggestions for creating more sustainable alternatives that can ensure enough food for everybody moving forward.

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David B