Can thorium nuclear energy make a comeback?

Jun 25, 2023 | Disaster, Technology, Videos


Nuclear energy has long been the target of criticism and skepticism due to its potential for catastrophic disasters, lack of waste disposal options, and the risk of producing nuclear weapons. But thorium – a weakly radioactive element – is being hailed as a potential solution to all these problems. In the late 1960s, a molten-salt reactor was developed to harness the power of thorium, but after only a few years it was abandoned without ever achieving its full potential.

Now, a new documentary asks the question: Was this decision a colossal mistake? In “Thorium: An Untapped Energy Source?”, filmmakers take an in-depth look at this mineral and its potential implications for our energy future. They explore the safety concerns surrounding nuclear energy, investigate why thorium reactors have not been developed further and ask whether politicians were right to abandon this project.

The documentary takes viewers on an eye-opening journey through the history of thorium research, from its first discovery in 1789 up until today. It features exclusive interviews with leading experts in the field and provides an engaging overview of how this little-known mineral could be used for clean energy production.

Whether you’re looking for some food for thought or just interested in learning more about alternative sources of energy, “Thorium: An Untapped Energy Source?” is a must watch documentary. With new insights into nuclear energy and thoughtful analysis of thorium’s potential uses, this film will leave you with plenty to ponder on as we move towards greener solutions in our future.

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David B