Can the global criminal network be destroyed?

Jul 16, 2023 | Crime, Political, Videos

Corruption, drugs, and dirty money are not just local problems anymore. They’re global. Shadow Empire follows the criminal networks that have become powerful enough to sway institutions, infiltrate governments, and threaten innocent lives worldwide. From the murder for hire to people smuggling, Shadow Empire shows the true cost of illegal business – and the lengths the players involved will go to keep their wealth and power.
What’s the common thread connecting politicians, terrorists, and transnational crime syndicates? Follow the money. With profits totaling two trillion dollars annually, criminal empires commit half of their income to bribing politicians and officials around the world. In return, they get protection, influence, and impunity. Shadow Empire takes you on the riveting ride through the dark side of our interconnected world, where law enforcement faces a daunting challenge, and exposing the truth can be a matter of life and death. Is there a way out, or are we witnessing the birth of a new world order, ruled by shadows?

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David B