Can God be offended? Blasphemy, religion and freedom of speech

Oct 26, 2023 | Political, Religion, Videos

Artists, filmmakers, and cartoonists have always pushed the boundaries with their work. However, for some, it raises the question of whether they should draw the line when it comes to mocking religion.
In a world where religion has increasingly become a political issue causing violence and terrorism, blasphemy remains a hot button topic. This has sparked a standoff between the supporters of freedom of expression and those who emphasize respect for religion. In this intriguing documentary, the debate about blasphemy in art is explored through conversations with religious leaders and with representatives of all beliefs. The program also seeks to examine the origins of religion and the history of blasphemy. Through interviews and the presentation of works created by artists, filmmakers, and cartoonists that have been denounced as blasphemous, we are presented with an insight into the complexity of the debate. Among these artists is Kurt Westergaard, who has lived under police protection since the publication of the infamous Mohammed cartoons, and Gerhard Haderer, whose portrayals of Jesus came under the fierce criticism of the Catholic Church.

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David B