Byzantium: The Lost Empire

Aug 30, 2023 | History, Videos

The Byzantine Empire was one of the most powerful empires in history, lasting for over a thousand years and spanning three continents. It was the origin of modern government, great literature, and fine art. To this day, its influence can be seen in many aspects of Western Civilization, from religion to art.

TLC has unlocked the mystery of this ancient civilization with their documentary series Byzantium. Through it, viewers are taken on a tour of Constantinople, Hagia Sophia (the magnificent mosque) and St Marks in Venice – home to some of the looted treasures of the empire.

The documentary is hosted by John Romer who brings life into the city and its powerful ideas which made Byzantium flourish even while western Europe was still in the Dark Ages and Middle Ages. Its borders extended across Asia Minor and the Balkans at its peak, and contains some of Christianity’s most precious relics including a piece of Christ’s cross.

However, as Islam rose Byzantium began to shrink until there was little left outside its city walls. It turned to Europe for help in fighting off infidels but ended up being sacked by Crusaders instead. To make matters worse, Venice plundered many of its artistic masterpieces while scholars fled with Greek studies leaving it behind.

Byzantium takes its audience on a visually stunning journey throughout the empire while simultaneously providing insight into its characters and history making it an absolute must-watch! With carefully chosen locations that bring historical events to life through vivid visuals alongside fascinating facts about this unique empire’s development, it’s sure to captivate viewers interested in learning more about Western Civilization’s roots!

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David B