By the Rivers of Babylon

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In 589 B.C. the Babylonian ruler Nebuchadnezzar assaulted and pulverized Jerusalem, the primary city of the Judean kingdom. After its fall, the residents were taken into outcast in Babylonia.

Just a few generations back, prior to this story, their 10 northern cousins in the Kingdom of Israel had endured identical destiny and had vanished perpetually as they had been incorporated into the neighboring social orders found all through the district.

Keeping in mind the end goal to battle for their survival as individuals, the Judeans chose to compose a book as opposed to taking up equipped battle. They reworked and altered together stories of their past and collected them into what we today know as the Hebrew Bible, or Old Testament.

It then expresses that it was composed to show the ousted the reasons why they were in Babylon and being an aide regarding how they ought to experience their lives.

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