Busting Out

Jun 14, 2023 | Social, Videos

The latest documentary by filmmakers Francine Strickwerda and Laurel Spellman Smith, Busting Out, delves deep into the history and politics of breast obsession in America. This disarmingly honest and intimate exploration of our society’s attitudes towards breasts not only highlights how these attitudes have a major impact on women’s health and happiness, but also shines a spotlight on who profits from these attitudes and who stands to be harmed.

From issues such as body shaming and gender roles to the media’s sexualization of female bodies, Busting Out brings attention to these topics through the personal stories of various women. The documentary challenges viewers to think differently about breasts, encouraging them to question the messages that society has been telling us for so long. It also takes an honest look at how breasts are viewed in other parts of the world, providing a much-needed perspective on this controversial topic.

As well as tackling tough subjects with sensitivity and humour, Busting Out offers its audience a sense of hope. It shows that it is possible to break away from oppressive ideas about our bodies and embrace our femininity without conforming to harmful societal standards. Through its powerful message of self-acceptance, Busting Out encourages everyone to find joy in their own unique beauty – no matter what shape or size they come in.

If you are looking for an eye-opening journey into the deep complexities surrounding breast obsession in America, then look no further than Busting Out. This compelling documentary promises to open up conversations about an often uncomfortable topic while inspiring viewers to challenge cultural norms around femininity. So don’t miss out – watch it now!

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David B