Business fights climate change

Nov 2, 2023 | Environmental, Social, Videos

In a world where CO2 emissions from our daily lives are impacting the environment, can one man make a difference? Join businessman Dirk Gratzel as he takes on the challenge of erasing his carbon footprint by the end of his lifetime.
Dirk Gratzel has calculated the biggest sources of CO2 emissions in our daily lives and has made drastic changes to his lifestyle. From hunting his own meat to reducing his morning shower, he’s done it all. But is it enough? In this documentary by Carolina Machhaus and Sella Oneko, we follow Gratzel’s journey as he takes it a step further and buys an industrial site to implement massive changes. Is this something that everyone can do or just a privilege of the wealthy? Find out as we explore the question- Can we afford to protect the environment?

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David B