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Jun 26, 2023 | Lifestyle, Nature, People, Videos

The journey for many West Africans to Europe is a perilous one, with high chances of danger and exploitation at every turn. But in their endeavor to seek a better life, countless individuals are aided by Mauritanian traffickers who organize crossings to bring them to the continent. But who are these people? Are they helping those in need on the treacherous journey or are they more akin to the slave traders of old, much like those that operated during the 16th century’s transatlantic slave trade?

To uncover the truth behind this complex issue, filmmaker Mame-Fatou Niang sets off on an investigative documentary expedition. The film follows her as she embarks on an eye-opening mission into Mauritania. Here she reveals firsthand accounts from those involved in the trafficking business, from both sides of the journey – those organizing it and those crossing it – while providing insight and context into its history and present. It’s a story full of layered details that only adds depth to our current understanding of what has become a major humanitarian crisis.

The Mauritanian Traffickers offers us an insider’s view into this shadowy world, showing both its harmful effects on vulnerable refugees seeking passage to Europe as well as its potential benefits for desperate individuals fleeing violence and poverty. We witness how difficult life can be in countries such as Mali and Senegal, where very few opportunities exist for those born without privilege or luck. We also hear stories from mule drivers who transport goods across borders for traffickers, risking their lives in exchange for money – but often finding themselves exploited instead.

This powerful documentary shines a light on pressing social issues while introducing us to remarkable characters along the way: everyday heroes who are doing what they can with limited resources but immense courage; villains maneuvering for their own gain; victims whose plight has gone unnoticed until now; and survivors determined not just to make it through but also change their destinies by any means necessary.

The Mauritanian Traffickers is an essential portrayal of a complex subject matter that affects thousands around the globe today – making it all too easy to understand why so many bravely continue this dangerous journey for a chance at a better future elsewhere. So if you want to learn more about this critical issue, we highly encourage you to watch The Mauritanian Traffickers to gain greater insight into this modern-day slavery taking place right under our feet.

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