Burning Man Festival

Aug 21, 2022 | Social, Videos

The Burning Man Festival has grown from a small group of people gathering spontaneously to a community of more than 48,000 people. There are no rules about how one must behave or express themselves in this case, rather, to each participant to decide how they will contribute and what they are going to give this community.

The event will take place in an ancient lake bed in the Nevada desert, known as the beach. By the time the event has been completed and the volunteers leave, sometimes nearly a month after the event has finished, there will be no trace of the city that was, for a short time, the most populous city in the county. Art is an unavoidable part of this experience, and in fact, is a part of the experience that Larry Harvey, founder of Burning Man project, gives a theme for each year to foster a common bond to help tie the contribution of each individual in a meaningful whole.

Participants are encouraged to find a way to help make the subject come alive, whether through an art installation on a large scale, a subject field, brought gifts to be given to other people, clothing, or any other means this results.

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Riyan H.