Burkina Faso: Militia Law

Dec 27, 2023 | Crime, Justice, Military/War, Videos

The West African nation of Burkina Faso is facing a growing lawlessness, leaving its national police unable to cope with the spread of crime. In response, local communities have taken matters into their own hands and formed self-defense militias known as “Koglwego,” or “guardians of the forest” in Mossi. These armed groups are increasingly seen across the country and are taking on tasks that a weak and discredited state is unable to manage due to lack of resources.

The situation in Burkina Faso has been rapidly deteriorating over recent years, leading to fear among its citizens and further instability. The Koglwego militia have stepped up their activities in response, often subjecting suspects to torture and execution without trial, raising serious human rights concerns. Reports also suggest that they may be aiding drug trafficking gangs from neighboring countries, spreading fear even further.

This complex situation has recently been documented by BBC Africa Eye in an insightful documentary titled ‘Crisis in Burkina Faso: Inside the Koglwego war’. The film explores how insecurity has created a vacuum for these militias to operate unchecked and includes testimonies from those affected by their brutality as well as those who support them. It illustrates how far-reaching the effects of insecurity and crime can be on communities and families throughout Burkina Faso.

In order to gain a better understanding of this difficult situation, viewers should watch this documentary for an informative insight into the crisis facing Burkina Faso today.

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David B