Bruce Lipton Ph.D. – The Power of Our Mind and How Stress Compromises Our Health

Jun 28, 2023 | Health, People, Videos

In this intriguing episode of a documentary series, titled HEAL, we get an opportunity to sit down with Bruce Lipton, PhD, a renowned stem cell biologist. Bruce, who is also an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirituality, has authored several books with The Biology of Belief being one of his most renowned work.
During the episode, Bruce and the host delve into the detrimental effects that stress and fear have on our bodies and minds. They also dive into several controversial topics aimed at opening up the aperture, and allowing the viewer to see the cycle of fear, consumption, dis-ease, and destruction that we are in and how to break out of it. By shedding light on some of the subconscious programming that types individuals from childhood, for instance, it becomes easier to create a new paradigm of harmony.
Furthermore, Bruce shares with us the importance of understanding that people are not inherently bad, but they may be running bad programs. This realization, coupled with an awareness of the impacts of fear and stress, can transform the way we interact with others and help in reducing divisiveness and hatred in our society.
We invite anyone looking to break out of the hypnosis of fear and discover their incredible power of creating peace, harmony, and vibrant health in their lives to watch this captivating documentary today. The interview with Bruce will not only leave you inspired but also leave you with practical steps that you can implement to transform your life.

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David B