Brothers & Sisters In Love

Jul 27, 2023 | Social, Videos

Brothers & Sisters In Love is a groundbreaking documentary about an issue that many people are aware of but few are willing to talk about – genetic sexual attraction. This phenomenon occurs when two people, who are related but have been separated for many years, meet and experience an overwhelming physical desire for each other that can lead to extreme consequences.

The film follows the stories of several sets of family members who have been confronted with this issue, such as retired school teacher Ron and his sister whom he had never met until after 60 years of separation. Through interviews with experts and families dealing with this difficult situation, viewers can gain insight into the taboo nature of this topic that has been shrouded in secrecy for too long.

One example featured in the film is Ron’s story, which starts off like any regular day in his life – happily married to his wife Mary since 1957 and being a regular at his local golf club. But upon finally discovering his long-lost sister after so many years, Ron finds himself to be strangely drawn to her – even though he knows it puts him at risk of facing devastating consequences not just for himself, but also those closest to him.

But could love between two consenting adults who happen to be related be the result of something else? Brothers & Sisters In Love examines this very question while presenting a thought-provoking take on this taboo subject matter. From exploring the complex emotions involved in these situations to providing advice from those who have faced it themselves – this powerful documentary is sure to leave viewers both shaken and inspired.

So if you’re interested in gaining an understanding of genetic sexual attraction and its impact on individuals, families, and society at large then make sure not to miss out on Brothers & Sisters In Love – a compelling look into one of the ultimate taboos.

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David B