Broken Records

Jul 27, 2023 | Music, Videos

Arab culture has always been known for its traditional and ancient practices, however, in recent years there has been an emergence of a new Arab culture that is heavily influenced by western art. This documentary focuses on Arab artists who are taking the best of both worlds and creating something entirely unique. Through hip-hop, these artists have found their voice to express hope, dreams and frustrations in a way that resonates with the people.

This documentary is a must watch for anyone interested in exploring the complexities of this new Arab culture. The story follows several prominent artists as they navigate between west and east, merging two different worlds into one powerful art form. It examines how these creative minds use music to express themselves while challenging preconceived notions of the Arab world. Through interviews with musicians, activists, politicians and more, the documentary shines a light on how hip-hop forms part of a larger narrative of revolution in the Middle East.

The documentary gives an insight into how music can be used to create meaningful change as demonstrated by some of the most politically charged lyrics and performances coming out of the region today. It’s a powerful testament to what art can do when combined with purpose – inspiring viewers everywhere to fight for what they believe in through any means necessary.

Watch this documentary and be inspired by some of the most daring and innovative Egyptian, Yemeni, Tunisian and Syrian artists as they showcase a side of Arab culture rarely seen before now. With its compelling storytelling style and captivating visuals, this powerful film will leave you feeling energized to stand up for what you believe in – wherever you may find yourself!

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David B