Brickell City Centre Miami – In Depth Look at the $1.05 billion project

Apr 5, 2023 | Environmental, Technology, Videos

Brickell City Centre will be the new landmark of Miami. If everything goes down as planned, the Centre will be something people will associate with the city of Miami at first glance. For example, if Rockefeller Center, you think of New York City, and Brickell should be that for Miami.

In the heart of downtown Miami, the new project costs $1.05 billion, and should be first of its kind structure, made out of steel, glass and fabric.

What makes the Climate Ribbon special project is the fact that shopping center will have no Air conditioning. Yes, you read that right, a shopping center in one of the hottest areas in the United States will function without A.C, and customers won’t feel the heat.

How is that possible? Thanks to many years of scientific research, as well as architectural planning, the inventors of the project have managed to create a piece of art that functions as a canopy. The trick is that the Climate Ribbon will harness the air coming off of Biscayne Bay, and then channel it into the retail area.

The whole project is composed out of three blocks: the north, the east and the west block. When looked at it from above, the project looks like a big L letter. Each block will be different and serve different purpose. There will be a hotel, a shopping area, and condos. Check the video for an in-depth look into one of the best modern architectural wonders.

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Riyan H.