Brian Cox: Life of a Universe

Jul 26, 2023 | Science, Videos

The Live of a Universe documentary series, hosted by physicist Brian Cox, is an exploration into the questions that have puzzled us for millennia: where did we come from and how will it all end?

In the first episode, Cox probes into the Big Bang Theory and other theories that have arisen in the past decade to create a detailed picture of how our universe originated. He asks some of the deepest questions imaginable, including why we exist and whether there was something before the Big Bang.

In episode two, Cox investigates theories on what could bring about the end of days. He looks at how finite lives can leave behind a legacy in our children and grandchildren but wonders if this could be taken away by natural laws that would eventually make all trace of human civilization vanish. He also contemplates faith and its ultimate fate in relation to the universe as a whole.

Live of a Universe is an incredibly insightful documentary series that dives deep into some of humanity’s most profound questions. Through his thoughtful investigation and engaging conversations with scientists, Brian Cox creates an amazing journey through space and time that any viewer can enjoy. So don’t miss out – grab your popcorn and experience this eye-opening journey through science today!

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David B