Brazil: How humans are destroying paradise

Jul 14, 2023 | Animals, Environmental, Travel, Videos

In Brazil, a cherished population of sea turtles is struggling to survive, due to the impact of human development on their habitat along the coast. Where once these majestic creatures had endless options for laying their eggs and making their home, they now find themselves fighting against the loss of beaches to hotels and the noise and light pollution of big cities.
Through interviews with local residents and animal welfare experts, this documentary shines a light on the ongoing battle to protect sea cows and other creatures living along the beautiful coastline. In particular, the film highlights the amazing work of projects like TAMAR, which are devoted to preserving and protecting plants and animals in the area. Yet, despite these efforts, entire habitats continue to disappear, as humans seek to impose their will on the land and sea.
Join us as we explore the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes along Brazil’s coast, while investigating the ever-present threats from environmental degradation and the loss of biodiversity. Witness the dedication and determination of those fighting to preserve the country’s natural heritage, and learn about the complex and fascinating lives of the sea turtles who call Brazil’s coast their home.

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David B