Brazil, Dust and Fire | Deadliest Journeys

Aug 9, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

The Brazilian Nordeste region is facing some of its hottest temperatures in history. The shade temperature is reaching a staggering 47 degrees Celsius, while the sun can hit up to 70 degrees Celsius. This scorching heat has caused sand and dust to accumulate in large tracts of land, making it difficult for citizens and travelers alike. For truckers, this combination of heat and dust can be a deadly trap.

This serious issue in Brazil can only be understood if we take into account the global heating crisis that has been hitting the entire planet over the past few decades. The environmental conditions have changed drastically, leading to these intense weather phenomena. To get a more profound understanding of what is happening in Brazil, we recommend watching the documentary “Nordeste: The Oven” which focuses entirely on this phenomenon and its effects on people and the environment.

The documentary will bring us closer to those who suffer from this terrible ordeal – as well as experts who give their all to understand it better – so we are able to comprehend how it affects not only locals but also our planet as a whole. It provides an intimate view of how extreme heat causes dramatic changes in peoples’ lives, showing us what steps we should take to fight climate change at a local level.

We must unite against climate change with all our might if we are ever going to make progress with reducing its effects on our environment – starting with extreme temperatures like those seen in Brazil’s Nordeste region. We invite you to watch “Nordeste: The Oven” and help spread awareness about what is happening in this region today – and why it matters for us all tomorrow.

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David B