Braveheart: Fact or Fiction?

Jul 25, 2023 | History, Videos

William Wallace, the man known as Braveheart, has a legacy that still resonates with Scots today. He was a fierce patriot and patriot of Scotland who fought for the freedom of his beloved country. But what is the truth behind this legend? In a new documentary hosted by Tony Robinson, viewers have an exclusive chance to uncover the mysteries and facts that lay hidden beneath the myth.

The Sheriff of Lanark, Sir William Heselrig, was brutally attacked and killed by Wallace in 1297 changing Scottish history forever. The movie Braveheart is often seen as an accurate depiction of these events, but the truth may be much more complex than portrayals on screen suggest. Beneath Scotland’s cities lie many secrets, and some of them are related to Wallace himself – was he really a national hero or just another villain?

In his quest to uncover the truth about Wallace’s past, Tony Robinson travels across Scotland and meets experts in various fields including politics, archeology, history and more. He also speaks to people from towns where Wallace lived; hearing their stories gives us a whole new perspective on his deeds. Through this journey viewers are able to learn about the battles that lead up to Wallace’s infamous attack on Lanark as well as gain insight into his motivations and thoughts during that period.

This documentary promises to give viewers an understanding into William Wallace that goes far beyond what we have seen in movies or read in books before. There is so much unknown about this legendary figure and only now can we delve into what truly made him ‘Braveheart’. For those curious about one of Scotland’s most famous sons then you must watch this compelling documentary full of revelations which will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about William Wallace.

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David B