BrainSex: Why We Fall in Love?

Aug 19, 2023 | Science, Videos

BrainSex – Why We Fall In Love is an eye-opening documentary exploring the science behind why humans fall in love. For centuries, people have looked to art, poetry and music to try to understand this mysterious emotion. Now, modern brain scanning technology has enabled us to gain insight into the neurological and physiological processes that dictate our feelings of passion and attachment.

The film follows a group of young people who are freshly in love as they volunteer to have their brains scanned while looking at pictures of their beloveds. The areas that lit up were found to be rich with the powerful ‘feel-good’ chemical dopamine – which is released by cells in response to cocaine, nicotine and other pleasurable activities. Dopamine plays an important role in our reward system – working together with other neural pathways to produce feelings of pleasure and even addiction.

More remarkable still, older couples who reported having intense feelings for one another after decades of marriage also participated in the experiments – showing that for some lucky pairs the honeymoon period can last a lifetime! Brain scans from these volunteers showed activity not only related to dopamine but also those associated with oxytocin – a cuddling hormone instrumental in helping new mothers form bonds with their babies as well as being linked to monogamy and long-term attachment in animals.

While scientists are yet far from fully understanding all we consider ‘romantic love’, these findings offer us intriguing glimpses into what happens within our brains when we feel passionately for someone else – suggesting that dopamine plays a major part in initial excitement while oxytocin contributes more deeply calming aspects of attachment over time. If you’re curious about learning more about why we fall in love then BrainSex – Why We Fall In Love is an incredible opportunity for exploration; it’s both educational and entertaining!

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David B