Boundless: Athletes with Disabilities

Jun 7, 2022 | Short, Sports, Videos

No matter if you are in a wheelchair or not, when you are passionate about some sport, you can make it happen. That is the message of the short documentary movie Boundless made by Kirk Williams.

Featuring athletes from three different sports, Kirk tries to look into three individuals and their adaptive mind. What drives them? What makes them tick? What helps them go forward, even though they are “limited” in what they can do.

People with disabilities should not think of themselves as different. As Adam Scaturro, one of the athletes in the video puts it, “Being independent is a very big deal when you have a disability. Being able to get out, enjoy Earth and enjoy nature and go places where wheelchair cannot go is a big deal”.

Jake O’Connor, another of the athletes in the video is a rugby player. You might ask how it is possible to play rugby when you are stuck in a wheelchair. Well, it is possible, as long as you ready to go out and do it.

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Riyan H.